Hobo Nickel Engraved With Thomas The Train. Thomas Has A Smiling Face, Is Belching Smoke, And Rolling Along On Railroad Tracks.
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Thomas The Train

I decided to take a break from carving baseball players, movie stars and outlaws to try something new. I should say new to me. I realize trains are a staple to hobo nickel carving, however I must admit to knowing little about them. With all my carvings I start with an inspired idea and research the subject. With this carving I consulted a resident expert or shall I say an expert living in my residence, my son James.  James is 4 years old and loves trains more than anything in the world (except his mommy).  His knowledge of trains is vast and detailed. In this carving (#14)... the subject is my son's favorite toy train "Thomas." James tells me Thomas is a very useful engine. He lives on the island of Sodor and has many train friends. Thomas and his friends learn how to work together. Thanks to James for his expert advice on this subject.