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Dusty and Digger "No Fishing" (series # 2) Indian Head - Reverse Of Dusty and Digger "No Fishing" (series # 2)

#62 Dusty and Digger "No Fishing" (series # 2)

"No Fishing" is carved on the reverse side of a 1936 Buffalo Nickel. The characters are carved with great care for the miniature details. The fishing line is the approximate thickness of dental floss. The background is carefully removed & flattened for a relief effect. The nickel is torch toned to darken. This is the second carving in my Dusty & Digger series. The nickel is signed AA 62 D+D 2.

Dusty and Digger were walking the tracks. When hunger set in, they stopped for a snack. They sat by a riverbank and pondered what to eat. Then Digger found a wooden sign and Dusty said "SWEET!"

Dusty took the sign and snapped it in two. He made a crude fishing pole and left the other end for Digger to chew. Dusty sat down by the riverbank and made a wish. It wasn't long before he caught a BIG fish. Dusty smiled and said, "What a great day! Hmmm... I wonder, what did that sign say?"

You see, Dusty didn't mean to do a bad deed. He didn't heed the sign's warning "NO FISHING" cause Dusty can't read.   SOLD

Bessie - Interpretation Of An Abstract Painting

#61 Bessie - Interpretation Of An Abstract Painting

This latest carving was a first for me. A customer requested that I carve "Bessie" the subject of an abstract painting that he painted. This is my interpretation. Bessie is carved on a 1937 Full Horn Buffalo Nickel. She has a nice smile & bright eyes. Her hair is pulled back in a short ponytail & she is wearing a headband tied on side.   COMMISSIONED

Eagle Eye

#60 Eagle Eye

The subject of my latest carving is an American Bald Eagle titled "Eagle Eye." The carving is a detailed profile of an eagle. The eagle’s eye is inlaid with 24 karat yellow gold, and the carving has neatly stippled relief background. This beautiful engraving is done on a 1937 Full Horn Buffalo Nickel.   SOLD

Hobo Nickel - Storm

#59 Hobo Nickel - Storm

This latest carving features a German Shorthaired Pointer "Storm" as the subject. Storm is carved on a 1937 full horn Buffalo Nickel. Storm is carved with realistic detail & alert expression. Nickel has relieved neatly stippled background. Storm is surrounded by a running wheat border & name block style engraved.   COMMISSIONED

How Dusty Met Digger Indian Head - Reverse Of How Dusty Met Digger

#58 How Dusty Met Digger

Dusty is a Hobo who rides the rails.  He loves the freedom of the iron trail.  He is weary, dirty & dusty from travel.  Dusty's daily adventures are worth all the hassle.

Digger The Dog was a stray, until he met Dusty on the tracks that day.  Digger was covered with dirt from head to tail.  He smelled badly and needed a bath. Apparently Digger was the victim of one skunk's wrath.

Dusty chuckled while he puffed on his pipe.  Dusty said, "What the heck is this dog gonna do tonight? Come on Digger follow me.  I can use some company."   SOLD

Grim Reaper Buffalo Nickel - Reverse Of Grim Reaper

#57 Grim Reaper

The Grim Reaper is carved on a 1937 full horn Buffalo Nickel and is wearing a classic cloak with hood.  In the left hand, he is holding a sickle ready to harvest souls.  In the right hand, he is holding an hour glass that contains the grains of life.  The hour glass grains are inlaid 24 karat yellow gold & stippled for texture.  This carving of the Grim Reaper has relief textured background & is antiqued for contrast.


Running Late Indian Head - Reverse Of Running Late

#56 Running Late

Running Late is a reverse Hobo Nickel carving done on a 1936 Buffalo Nickel.  This animated little Hobo is running late for the train.  The little fella is running like heck down the tracks & is ready to hop the last car.  This miniature carving is cut with care for the tiny details and has lightly stippled relief background.  The nickel is torch toned to darken.   SOLD

Amos Buffalo Nickel - Reverse Of Amos

#55 Amos

Hobo nickel Amos is carved on a 1913 Full Horn Buffalo Nickel and is a traditional carved profile. Amos has a nice beard, mustache & ear.  He is wearing a bolo hat with an engraved hat band.  The nickel has a smooth field and is toned with a torch to darken the appearance of the carving.   SOLD

Bonus Soldier Buffalo Nickel - Reverse Of Bonus Soldier

#54 Bonus Soldier

The subject of this latest carving "Bonus Soldier" is a WWI Doughboy.  The soldier is wearing a classic helmet & uniform.  The carving has a smooth field. The subject of my nickel carving is based on the Bonus March of 1932.  It was the Great Depression & thousands of WWI veterans & families came to Washington D.C. to protest. Their demand was immediate payment of the combat service bonus.  The protest was met by U.S. Military force.  The veterans & families were forced from Washington D.C.

Pigeon Lady

#53 Pigeon Lady

The Pigeon Lady is carved on a 1937 full horn Buffalo Nickel and is shown bundled up for a cool day.  She is wearing coat, scarf & kerchief.  The pigeon she is gently holding is inlaid & carved in 24 karat yellow gold.

I spent a year living & going to school in NY, NY.  In my free time I would often walk & people watch.  In Central Park, in the afternoon, sitting on a park bench was The Pigeon Lady. She would sit & feed the pigeons. She seemed to be there daily, same time, same bench. The pigeons would perch on the bench surrounding her & fly to the ground as she threw the feed.  Often she would have a pigeon climb in her lap or hands.  The pigeons would sense her gentleness & trust her kindness.  To most people she was just some lady in the park, but to the pigeons she was "The Lady."   Submitted to FUN Show 2009