Question:  How do you spell Carat / Karat?

Answer:  Karat with a "K" refers to metal content.  Carat with a "C" refers to gem weight.  So, if I am referring to the gem weight, it is carat.  If I am referring to gold or silver content of metal, it is karat.

Question:  How long does it take to make a coin?

Answer:  It depends on the carving.  Some people think the cartoon/animated coins are quick & easy.  Actually most coin engravings take a long time to create the tiny details, because it's necessary to remove the background.  Most of my hobo nickel carvings take between 5 & 12 hours.  There are many factors.

Question:  How do you carve a Hobo Nickel?

Answer:  To get a rough idea of the process Amy employs in the making of a Hobo Nickel, please click here.