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Bonus Soldier Buffalo Nickel - Reverse Of Bonus Soldier

#54 Bonus Soldier

The subject of this latest carving "Bonus Soldier" is a WWI Doughboy.  The soldier is wearing a classic helmet & uniform.  The carving has a smooth field. The subject of my nickel carving is based on the Bonus March of 1932.  It was the Great Depression & thousands of WWI veterans & families came to Washington D.C. to protest. Their demand was immediate payment of the combat service bonus.  The protest was met by U.S. Military force.  The veterans & families were forced from Washington D.C.

Pigeon Lady

#53 Pigeon Lady

The Pigeon Lady is carved on a 1937 full horn Buffalo Nickel and is shown bundled up for a cool day.  She is wearing coat, scarf & kerchief.  The pigeon she is gently holding is inlaid & carved in 24 karat yellow gold.

I spent a year living & going to school in NY, NY.  In my free time I would often walk & people watch.  In Central Park, in the afternoon, sitting on a park bench was The Pigeon Lady. She would sit & feed the pigeons. She seemed to be there daily, same time, same bench. The pigeons would perch on the bench surrounding her & fly to the ground as she threw the feed.  Often she would have a pigeon climb in her lap or hands.  The pigeons would sense her gentleness & trust her kindness.  To most people she was just some lady in the park, but to the pigeons she was "The Lady."   Submitted to FUN Show 2009

Rico Bandello AKA Little Caesar Buffalo Nickel - Reverse Of Rico Bandello AKA Little Caesar

#52 Rico Bandello AKA Little Caesar

The subject of the carving is gangster character Rico Bandello from the 1930's movie classic 'Little Caesar.'  The carving was carefully detailed and has a 24 karat cigar & relief background.  All this done on a 1937 Full Horn Buffalo Nickel.   SOLD

Roaring Lion Buffalo Nickel - Reverse Of Roaring Lion

#51 Roaring Lion

Carving is done on a full horn 1936 Buffalo Nickel. Carving subject is a roaring lion. Carving has detailed features and a smooth field.   Submitted to FUN Show 2009

Rising Son Calvary (Golgotha) - Reverse Of Rising Son

#50 Rising Son

Hobo Nickel #50 is a double-sided 1935 Buffalo Nickel.  The carving is titled "Rising Son."  The obverse features Christ's sacrifice for mankind.  The reverse is a contemporary Calvary with both copper & 24 karat gold inlay.   SOLD

Lost My Britches

#49 Lost My Britches

Carving is done on the reverse side of a 1936 Buffalo Nickel.  Carving subject is a comical Hobo who unfortunately had his britches stolen.  This poor little fellow now has to wear a barrel.  Too bad the thief didn't notice the barrel bindings are 24 karat gold.   SOLD

Elly Mae

#48 Elly Mae

Howdy ya'll!  Carved on a customer's (supplied) 1936 Buffalo Nickel is Elly Mae Clampett of The Beverly Hillbillies.  Elly Mae has nice features and hair.  Coin field is stippled.   COMMISSIONED


#47 Sid

"Sid" is engraved on a full horn 1937 Buffalo Nickel.  Sid is carved with great features and a crooked brow.   SOLD

Turkey Stearnes Detroit Stars - Reverse Of Turkey Stearnes

#46 Turkey Stearnes

Baseball Legend & Hall of Famer Turkey Stearnes. Turkey Stearnes played in Negro Baseball League thru the 1920's & 1930's. He is one of only two men in baseball history to ever win the quadruple crown.  He played for a few different teams, but spent most of his career playing for the Detroit Stars. Carving features Turkey wearing Detroit cap on obverse & Detroit Stars Logo on reverse. Carving is done on a 1926 Buffalo Nickel (one of the years Turkey played for Detroit).   SOLD


#45 Boss

Carving is done on a 1935 Buffalo Nickel. Nickel is carved with detail. Boss is puffin' on a 24 karat yellow gold cigar.   SOLD