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Rico Bandello AKA Little Caesar Buffalo Nickel - Reverse Of Rico Bandello AKA Little Caesar

#52 Rico Bandello AKA Little Caesar

The subject of the carving is gangster character Rico Bandello from the 1930's movie classic 'Little Caesar.'  The carving was carefully detailed and has a 24 karat cigar & relief background.  All this done on a 1937 Full Horn Buffalo Nickel.   SOLD

Roaring Lion Buffalo Nickel - Reverse Of Roaring Lion

#51 Roaring Lion

Carving is done on a full horn 1936 Buffalo Nickel. Carving subject is a roaring lion. Carving has detailed features and a smooth field.   Submitted to FUN Show 2009

Rising Son Calvary (Golgotha) - Reverse Of Rising Son

#50 Rising Son

Hobo Nickel #50 is a double-sided 1935 Buffalo Nickel.  The carving is titled "Rising Son."  The obverse features Christ's sacrifice for mankind.  The reverse is a contemporary Calvary with both copper & 24 karat gold inlay.   SOLD

Lost My Britches

#49 Lost My Britches

Carving is done on the reverse side of a 1936 Buffalo Nickel.  Carving subject is a comical Hobo who unfortunately had his britches stolen.  This poor little fellow now has to wear a barrel.  Too bad the thief didn't notice the barrel bindings are 24 karat gold.   SOLD

Elly Mae

#48 Elly Mae

Howdy ya'll!  Carved on a customer's (supplied) 1936 Buffalo Nickel is Elly Mae Clampett of The Beverly Hillbillies.  Elly Mae has nice features and hair.  Coin field is stippled.   COMMISSIONED


#47 Sid

"Sid" is engraved on a full horn 1937 Buffalo Nickel.  Sid is carved with great features and a crooked brow.   SOLD

Turkey Stearnes Detroit Stars - Reverse Of Turkey Stearnes

#46 Turkey Stearnes

Baseball Legend & Hall of Famer Turkey Stearnes. Turkey Stearnes played in Negro Baseball League thru the 1920's & 1930's. He is one of only two men in baseball history to ever win the quadruple crown.  He played for a few different teams, but spent most of his career playing for the Detroit Stars. Carving features Turkey wearing Detroit cap on obverse & Detroit Stars Logo on reverse. Carving is done on a 1926 Buffalo Nickel (one of the years Turkey played for Detroit).   SOLD


#45 Boss

Carving is done on a 1935 Buffalo Nickel. Nickel is carved with detail. Boss is puffin' on a 24 karat yellow gold cigar.   SOLD

Simply Ed

#44 Simply Ed

This carving is done on a 1936 Full Horn Buffalo Nickel.  Carving is titled "Simply Ed."  Ed has great features, nice expression, & a smooth field.   SOLD

Shirley Temple

#43 Shirley Temple

This carving is done on a 1934 full horn Buffalo Nickel.  Carving subject is child actor legend Shirley Temple.  This is a 3/4 profile portrait featuring Shirley's wonderful curly hair & great smile including dimple.   COMMISSIONED