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Thomas The Train

#14 Thomas The Train

I decided to take a break from carving baseball players, movie stars and outlaws to try something new. I should say new to me. I realize trains are a staple to hobo nickel carving, however I must admit to knowing little about them. With all my carvings I start with an inspired idea and research the subject. With this carving I consulted a resident expert or shall I say an expert living in my residence, my son James.  James is 4 years old and loves trains more than anything in the world (except his mommy).  His knowledge of trains is vast and detailed. In this carving (#14)... the subject is my son's favorite toy train "Thomas." James tells me Thomas is a very useful engine. He lives on the island of Sodor and has many train friends. Thomas and his friends learn how to work together. Thanks to James for his expert advice on this subject.   CURRENTLY NOT FOR SALE

Marilyn Monroe

#13 Marilyn Monroe

Carving done on a 1926 full horn Buffalo Nickel (year of Birth). The blonde bombshell is wearing .005ct each diamond earrings. Happy birthday Mr. President!   SOLD

James Dean

#12 James Dean

This carving of the young actor who "lived fast and died young" is done on a 1931 full horn Buffalo Nickel (year of his birth). The famous Hollywood 50's icon is carved wearing a leather jacket and duck tail style hair.   SOLD

Curly Howard

#11 Curly Howard

The 3rd in the Three Stooges Series is Curly. Curly, who is arguably the funniest and favorite of the Three Stooges, is carved on a 1937 full horn Buffalo Nickel with a surprised expression. Moe, Larry, Cheese!!! Nuk, Nuk, Nuk.   SOLD

Larry Fine

#10 Larry Fine

The 2nd in the Three Stooges Series is Larry. Larry is carved on a 1937 full horn Buffalo Nickel with great hair & expression. Hey Porcupine!   SOLD

Moe Howard

#9 Moe Howard

Carving is done on a 1937 full horn Buffalo Nickel. The Three Stooges Moe is carved with a bowl style haircut and angry scowl.   SOLD

Al Capone

#8 Al Capone

The infamous mobster is carved on a 1937 full horn Buffalo Nickel. Featured with fedora, grin & a cigar.   SOLD

Curse Reverse Boston Red Sox Logo - Reverse Of Curse Reverse

#7 Curse Reverse

This is a double sided carving on a 1918 Buffalo Nickel (The year the Red Sox sold Babe Ruth to the New York Yankees & the CURSE began) Obverse: Babe Ruth (a.k.a. Bambino), wearing Yankee cap & uniform. Reverse: Boston Red Sox Logo with 2004 & CURSE carved backwards. This carving celebrates the 2004 World Series Victory, breaking the 86 year Bambino curse.  CURSE REVERSED!!!   SOLD

Annie Oakley

#6 Annie Oakley

The sharp shooting marks-woman is carved on a 1926 full horn Buffalo nickel (year of her death). The nickel shows a profile of Annie with long hair wearing a hat with a star on it. This carving sold during the 2005 FUN show auction. It was later stolen along with other Hobo Nickels during a robbery shortly after the show.   SOLD

Jesse James

#5 Jesse James

The outlaw, gunman is carved on a 1937 full horn Buffalo Nickel. This is my 5th nickel carving & the first without disturbing the date.   SOLD