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Coyote Howling Penny

Coyote Howling Penny

This is a 1907 Indian Head Penny that was carved into a coyote. The coyote's profile is shown howling. Entered in a penny carving contest.   SOLD

Silver 8 Real Coin Masonic Symbol - Reverse Of Silver 8 Real Coin

Silver 8 Real Coin

1800 Spanish 8 Real (pronounced Ray-Al as in ray gun and Al Bundy) Silver Coin. Coin obverse has been re-carved into George Washington and reverse into Masonic Symbol.   COMMISSIONED

Crane/Jeep Jeep - Reverse Of Crane/Jeep


This Geocoin features a double sided carving on a 1 ounce Silver American Eagle. The coin has been completely recarved on both sides. The front of the coin is a crane, and the back is a jeep with license plate. The border is personalized with names. This hand carved Geocoin was commissioned by fellow geocacher Runningout. Runningout had this Geocoin created for her hubby with his interests as the theme. Discover This: Geocachers will understand, the rest of you muggles will have to figure it out.

1848 Liberty Eagle Five Dollar Gold Piece Confederate States (Rebel) Flag - Reverse Of 1848 Liberty Eagle Five Dollar Gold Piece

1848 Liberty Eagle Five Dollar Gold Piece

I was commissioned to carve a Confederate theme on an 1848 Liberty Eagle $5.00 Gold Piece. The coin was very worn, but the date was in fairly good condition. Due to the wear, the starting weight of the coin was 4.8 dwt(penny weight). The coin is .900 fine gold. The challenge of this carving was to completely recarve both sides of the coin in detail while maintaining the maximum weight. The obverse features the profile of a Confederate Soldier. The reverse features the Confederate flag. The finished weight was 4.4 dwt. I was pleased to lose only 0.4 dwt while achieving the desired carving results.

Note: Although 1848 was Pre Civil War, it marked the end of the Mexican-American War and the addition of new territory. This renewed the debate over westward expansion and slavery.   COMMISSIONED

Hobo Franklin Half Dollar Liberty Bell - Reverse Of Hobo Franklin Half Dollar

Hobo Franklin Half Dollar

Carved on a 1963 Franklin Half Dollar is a Traditional Style Hobo. This coin has been transformed from Ben Franklin to a Hobo with five o'clock shadow (beard) and classic bowler hat. The reverse of the coin still shows a fairly unblemished view of the Liberty Bell, crack and all.   SOLD

Franklin Goes Hobo Liberty Bell - Reverse Of Franklin Goes Hobo

Franklin Goes Hobo

Carved on a 1963 Franklin Silver Half Dollar is "Franklin Goes Hobo." Ben Franklin has been carefully transformed into a hobo. Ben's famous image, bald on the top with long hair on the sides, has been transformed into a worn brimmed bowler hat over long hair. The hair has been trimmed to rest on the collar of his suit, and the hat has a 24 karat yellow gold hat band. Also, Mr. Franklin now sports a full beard in place of his double chin. The coin has been engraved with "AA."   SOLD

Henry James Silver Dollar  - Reverse Of Henry James Silver Dollar

Henry James Silver Dollar

Author Henry James is carved on an 1881 Morgan Silver Dollar. This commissioned coin carving is a tribute to Henry James and his novel "Portrait of a Lady," which was published in 1881. The carving features the profile of Henry james wearing his signature top hat. The novel’s title "Portrait of a Lady," and "by Henry James" are engraved on flowing ribbons. The coin’s date is also surrounded by a ribbon. The background is textured and darkened for contrast.   SOLD

Through Morgan Woods Engraved Silver Dollar Silver Eagle - Reverse Of Through Morgan Woods Engraved Silver Dollar

Through Morgan Woods Engraved Silver Dollar

Carved on a 1921 Morgan Silver Dollar is "Through Morgan Woods." The carving features a stalking wolf walking through Morgan Woods. The carving uses all of the original silhouette of the coin.

This is one of Amy's finest works! The original outline of the head (profile) was used in a surrealistic way by giving it a wooden/treelike texture. The stalking wolf surrounded by the trees looks very Dali'esque (Daliesque). Bravo!   SOLD

Morgan Fox Den Engraved Silver Dollar Silver Eagle - Reverse Of Morgan Fox Den Engraved Silver Dollar

Morgan Fox Den Engraved Silver Dollar

Carved on an 1896 Morgan Silver Dollar is "Morgan Fox Den." The carving features a fox resting in the hollow base on a tree stump. The engraving uses all of the original silhouette of the coin.   SOLD

Dogfight Half Dollar Engraving Bald Eagle - Reverse Of Dogfight Half Dollar Engraving

Dogfight Half Dollar Engraving

Carved on a 1918 Walking Liberty Half Dollar is "Dogfight." This carving features the Red Baron in hot pursuit of Snoopy and his flying, bullet-riddled doghouse. Snoopy's dog house emblem is 24 karat gold. The Red Baron (Manfred von Richthofen) died April 21, 1918.   SOLD