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Hooligan Harry

#24 Hooligan Harry

This carving is done on a 1937 full horn Buffalo Nickel.  This is an awesome portrait of a clown with a mischievous grin.   SOLD

George Harrison

#23 George Harrison

This commissioned carving is done on a 1937 full horn Buffalo Nickel and features famed Beatle George Harrison. George is shown with the typical Beatles mopcut hair (hair that is almost shoulder length) and mustache.   COMMISSIONED

White Sox

#22 White Sox

This is a reverse carving done on a 1917 Buffalo Nickel.  This carving is a tribute to the 2005 World Series victory. It marks the 88 years between World Series victories (1917-2005), and is engraved with '2005' and 'SOX.'   SOLD

Suppertime Hobo

#21 Suppertime Hobo

This is a reverse carving on a 1937 Buffalo Nickel. This is my first animated carving. It features a seated hobo roasting hot dogs on a stick over a camp fire. The hobo is wearing patched clothing, a hat, has the makings for a beard, and is resting his weary head on his hand.   SOLD

My Little Hobo Engine (Train)

#20 My Little Hobo Engine (Train)

This train carving is done on a 1937 full horn Buffalo Nickel. The train is shown rolling along railroad tracks with smoke pouring out of its smokestack; its engine is inlaid with a 24 karat gold '#20', marking my twentieth carving, and gold headlight to lead the way.   SOLD

Emmit Kelly Jr.

#19 Emmit Kelly Jr.

This wonderful carving is done on a 1937 full horn buffalo nickel. Mr. Kelly is portrayed as his famed persona, a hobo clown.   SOLD

Pirate Skull

#18 Pirate Skull

This carving is done on a 1937 full horn Buffalo Nickel.  Pirate skull is carved wearing a bandana and has an inlaid 24 karat hoop earring.   SOLD

Rosa Parks

#17 Rosa Parks

Civil rights pioneer, Rosa Parks, is carved on a 1913 Buffalo Nickel (year of birth). Edge of coin is engraved with "ROSA PARKS 1913-2005 LIBERTY, JUSTICE, EQUALITY."

Little Engine That Could

#16 Little Engine That Could

This carving is done on a 1921 Morgan Silver Dollar. We see a smoking train riding along railroad tracks with passengers, which include a clown, riding on top of the engine (train), an elephant, a bear, and two giraffes.   SOLD

Shoeless Joe Sox Banned For Life - Reverse Of Shoeless Joe

#15 Shoeless Joe

This is a double sided carving on a 1919 Buffalo Nickel. The obverse is baseball legend Joe Jackson wearing Chicago White Sox Cap & uniform. Reverse White Sox logo of that era & engraved words "Banned For Life." 1919 was the year of The Black Sox Scandal. Joe Jackson along with other teammates was banned from baseball for life for his part in throwing the World Series. He proclaimed his innocence till his death.   SOLD