Hobo Nickel Engraved With A Puritan Witch Trial Judge With Robe, Cape, Hat, .005 Carat Diamond, And Gold Buckle
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Salem's Judge

Carved on a 1937 Buffalo Nickel is Hobo Nickel #91 titled "Salem's Judge." The subject of my carving is a Puritan Witch Trial Judge of 1692. The judge is deeply sculpted with wonderful facial features and expression. He is wearing a judge's robe and cape. The cape is fastened by a .005 carat diamond. The judge is wearing a traditional Puritan style hat with a 24 karat yellow gold inlay buckle. The background is relieved and left clean.

The Salem Witch Trials occurred between 1692 and 1693. During this time period 150 people were arrested and accused of Witchcraft. Twenty-six people were convicted. Of that, 20 were put to death (19 were hung, 1 crushed to death). It was a very dark period in New England history marked with mass hysteria, false accusations and death.