1937 Nickel Engraved With Pigeon Lady Holding Gold Pigeon
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Pigeon Lady

The Pigeon Lady is carved on a 1937 full horn Buffalo Nickel and is shown bundled up for a cool day.  She is wearing coat, scarf & kerchief.  The pigeon she is gently holding is inlaid & carved in 24 karat yellow gold.

I spent a year living & going to school in NY, NY.  In my free time I would often walk & people watch.  In Central Park, in the afternoon, sitting on a park bench was The Pigeon Lady. She would sit & feed the pigeons. She seemed to be there daily, same time, same bench. The pigeons would perch on the bench surrounding her & fly to the ground as she threw the feed.  Often she would have a pigeon climb in her lap or hands.  The pigeons would sense her gentleness & trust her kindness.  To most people she was just some lady in the park, but to the pigeons she was "The Lady."