Letter B Monogram Done In Leaf Script Engraving
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Leaf Script Lettering Monogram

The letter "B" shown in leaf script. A bit flowery, or perhaps "double fancy?"

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Johnnie gave Leaf Script Lettering Monogram:

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I think it is totally cool, Amy Armstrong is very creative, triple fancy. The uses are limited because it is hard to read. Don't use it as a tattoo script or you will be reading it to people for the rest of your life. I would use it to engrave a family heirloom, like a new sword or silver set or carved/engraved in a firearm. The fact that the script is made up of leaves would make it excellent choice for wood carving. It would look decorative without having your monogram stand out. Kind of a fancy hidden identification. I could see it carved in a babies crib intended to last multiple generations or something like that. Like everything; very nice when used appropriately.