Hobo Nickel Engraved With Freddy Freeloader, A Copper Haired Man Wearing a Hat and Jacket Holding A Cigar With A Gold Ash.
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Freddy Freeloader Hobo Nickel

This hobo nickel is carved on a 1937 Full Horn Buffalo Nickel and is called 'Freddy Freeloader.' Freddy Freeloader is wearing a hat, a suit/jacket as evidenced by the lapels, and is sculpted with fine facial details outlined as though he is wearing a clown mask (makeup?) of sorts. His long, straight hair is inlaid copper, and the ash of his cigar is inlaid 24 karat yellow gold. The background of this hobo nickel is relieved and stippled, and is darkened for contrast. Freddy Freeloader is reminiscent of Freddy the Freeloader a character portrayed by Red Skelton.