Hobo Holding Sign - Work 4 Food - Dog Standing On Hind Legs Engraved Coin
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Dusty & Digger - Work 4 Food Hobo Nickel

Carved on a 1938 Full Horn Buffalo Nickel is #3 in the Dusty & Digger Series "Work 4 Food." Dusty & Digger are carved and sculpted. Background is relieved and stippled. Dusty is holding a sign "Work 4 Food" and Digger is begging. Rim of nickel is engraved with Hobo symbols "good for a handout" and "work found here."

Dusty & Digger Work 4 Food by Amy Armstrong

Hello my name is Dusty and I'm traveling through.
May I ask if you have any odd jobs I can do?
I'm a hard worker and I'll give you a great deal.
I'll trade a day's labor for a good hot meal.
I'll make you an offer you just can't beat.
My dog Digger will entertain you performing tricks for treats!
So, I ask you kind soul to consider my plea.
Do you have any odd jobs for me?