Hobo Nickel Engraved With Dusty, A Man, And Digger, A Dog, Recurring Characters in the Dusty And Digger Hobo Nickel Series, Curled Up To Sleep
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Dusty And Digger Sweet Dreams Hobo Nickel

Carved on the reverse side of a 1937 Buffalo Nickel is "Dusty And Digger Sweet Dreams." This hobo nickel features Dusty the hobo and Digger the dog curled up tight to keep warm and in a deep slumber. Unfortunately for the pair, they have to make due with cold weather and poor sleeping conditions. The carving is done with background removed and stippled. This is the fifth hobo nickel and poem in the Dusty and Digger series.

By Amy Armstrong

Tired from travel; yearning for rest.
No jungle in sight, they'll have to make best.
Take shelter from the cold and snuggle up tight.
Soon dusk turned to evening; moon And stars their only light.
It was not long before the pair fell fast asleep.
Dusty snored loudly.
Digger dreamed peacefully, not making a peep.