Hobo Nickel Engraved With Dusty, A Hobo, And Digger, His Dog Fishing With No Fishing Sign
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Dusty and Digger "No Fishing" (series # 2)

"No Fishing" is carved on the reverse side of a 1936 Buffalo Nickel. The characters are carved with great care for the miniature details. The fishing line is the approximate thickness of dental floss. The background is carefully removed & flattened for a relief effect. The nickel is torch toned to darken. This is the second carving in my Dusty & Digger series. The nickel is signed AA 62 D+D 2.

Dusty and Digger were walking the tracks. When hunger set in, they stopped for a snack. They sat by a riverbank and pondered what to eat. Then Digger found a wooden sign and Dusty said "SWEET!"

Dusty took the sign and snapped it in two. He made a crude fishing pole and left the other end for Digger to chew. Dusty sat down by the riverbank and made a wish. It wasn't long before he caught a BIG fish. Dusty smiled and said, "What a great day! Hmmm... I wonder, what did that sign say?"

You see, Dusty didn't mean to do a bad deed. He didn't heed the sign's warning "NO FISHING" cause Dusty can't read.