Hobo Nickel Engraved With A Hobo Playing A Guitar Being Accompanied By A Dog With Gold Music Symbols
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Dusty and Digger's Duet

Dusty sat down to play his guitar
It was a refreshing break from riding in the freight car
With the strum of the first cord
Music was his reward
After riding the rails all day

Digger howled with delight
With every song Dusty sang that night
The music was the pair's evening pleasure
Dusty and Digger's duet to treasure.

Carved on the reverse side of a 1937 Buffalo Nickel is "Dusty and Digger's Duet." Dusty is featured singing and playing guitar. Digger the dog is seated along side Dusty howling to the music. The musical notes are inlaid in 24 karat yellow gold. The background is relieved, lightly stippled and darkened for contrast. This is the fourth carving in The Dusty and Digger series.