Hobo Nickel Engraved With A Little Steam Engine, A Steam Powered Locomotive (Train) Seen Traveling Down Railroad Tracks
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A Little Steam Engine Hobo Nickel

Carved on the reverse side of a 1924 Buffalo Nickel is A Little Steam Engine. This hobo nickel depicts a steam locomotive (train) barreling down the railroad tracks belching smoke or steam. The boiler, cab, capuchon (chimney), cowcatcher, piston and connecting rods that transfer the power to the wheels are clearly visible. A whistle or bell, to alert others to the train's proximity, and what appears to be a gas/oil lamp are also seen in this hobo nickel. The railroad tracks, rails, are clearly supported by a large number of railway ties.

Where is this engraving of a train going? One can only wonder, but it's going somewhere and it's sure to arrive soon. The background is relieved and left clean.