Custom Engraved Pendant With Harley A German Shorthaired Pointer and Running Wheat Border
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Harley German Shorthaired Pointer Pendant

German Shorthaired Pointer 'Harley' is engraved on a sterling silver pendant. The pendant is oval shaped, 28.5mm x 21mm, and 16 gauge in thickness. Harley is engraved in Bulino Style and his name is engraved in Roman font. This beautiful, personalized pendant has a running wheat border.

The customer contacted Amy after seeing one of her engraved dog pendants. She inquired if Amy could do the same style engraving with her dog, 'Harley.' She provided Amy with a high quality picture of her dog. Amy then created a basic layout (high contrast outline) sketch. After approval, Amy engraved the finished pendant.   COMMISSIONED