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Custom Hand Engraved Cantle

I was contacted over the summer to hand engrave a presentation Sporran by maker Scott Duncan. The Sporran was an important piece presented to Scott’s Clan Chief, Alexander Robertson, of Straun, the 23rd chief of Clan Donnachaidh for his 80th Birthday.

The cantle is the hinged front on a kilt sporran. The engraved plate is nickel silver and measures 5.88" x 3.00" x .06" thick. The Latin phrase translates to "Glory is the Reward of Valor." There are two bracken ferns between the wording. There is a small 1.50" tall shield with 3 heraldic wolf heads on it which is the Chief's arms.

It was an honor to have my engraving on the sporran of such a prestigious life milestone.   COMMISSIONED