Belt Buckle Engravings

Trout Belt Buckle    Wolf Belt Buckle   

Border Engravings

Blue Topaz Pendant    Rose Engraved Cuff Bracelet    Citrine Pendant    Amethyst Gem Pendant    Celestial (Sun, Moon, And Stars) Bracelet   

Custom & Special Engravings

Custom Engraved Fly Rod End Cap    Celtic Reel Seat With Butt Cap Engraving    Fishing Reel Custom Engravings - Ferrules And Reel Seats    Fisher Woman Engraved Fly Rod Cap    Harley German Shorthaired Pointer Pendant    Nickel Silver Fly Rod Engraving - Ferrules, Reel Seats, Butt Cap    Figure Eight Flower Engraved Fly Rod End Cap   

Hobo Nickels

Hobo Stogie Hobo Nickel    Pigeon Lady    Rocco    Moe Howard    Triple X    Mutton Chops Civil War Soldier    Shoe Billy Hobo Nickel    Marilyn Monroe    Oh Poor Nell Hobo Nickel    Bessie - Interpretation Of An Abstract Painting    Flat Top    A Little Steam Engine Hobo Nickel    Little Engine That Could    Matchstick Hobo Nickel    Traveling Ted    Montville Stop    Jimmy Puff Hobo Nickel    Sweet Rose Hobo Nickel    George Harrison    Dusty & Digger - Work 4 Food Hobo Nickel    Lost My Britches    Slouch (The Hobo)    Rico Bandello AKA Little Caesar    Union Soldier    Julia Hobo Nickel    Al Capone    How Dusty Met Digger    Bonus Soldier    Joe On The Go    Mr. Monocle Hobo Nickel    Eagle Eye    Gold Smoker    Dragon Tails Hobo Nickel    Shoeless Joe    Mini Viking Hobo Nickel    Herr Pickelhaube Hobo Nickel    Steam Locomotive    Evolution Of Pig    Santa (Claus) Hobo Nickel    Joint Carving - Billzach, Amy Armstrong    Pirate Skull    Bow Tie Beau    Blue And Grey - Union Soldier    The Bull    Helene Hobo Nickel    5 o'clock Shadow Hobo Nickel    Elly Mae    Penny Pincher    Roaring Lion    Clown    Curse Reverse    Grim Reaper    Hobo Joe    Larry Fine    Confederate Virginia Soldier Hobo Nickel    Hobo Nickel - Storm    Ho Jo The Bum    Freddy Freeloader Hobo Nickel    Grinning O'Grady    Smokey Hobo Nickel    Wolf (With Gold Eyes)    Laura Ingalls    Hobo Rit Hobo Nickel    Rosa Parks    Bright Eyes (The Clown)    Tailored Truman    Sailor    Pirate Skull Hobo Nickel Pendant    Fifer - Fife And Drum Hobo Nickel    My Little Hobo Engine (Train)    Amish Boy Hobo Nickel    Sid    Dusty and Digger's Duet    Simply Ed    Suzie Hobo Nickel    Happy Hour    Civil War Soldier    Annie Oakley    Running Late    Crockett    Johnny Reb    Roman Centurion Soldier Hobo Nickel    Slim Gets A Mac Attack    Mack    Marco On The Move    Through The Tunnel Hobo Nickel    James Dean    Smokin' Slim    Corporal Little Hobo Nickel    Prudence Hobo Nickel    Grey Parrot (Gray Parrot)    Hiking Hobo - Hobo Nickel    Dusty And Digger Sweet Dreams Hobo Nickel    Emmit Kelly Jr.    Moonshine Max Hobo Nickel    Clean Shave Hobo Nickel    Turkey Stearnes    Salem's Judge    Shirley Temple    Alexios The Defender Hobo Nickel    White Sox    Johann    Red Fox    Jesse James    Amos    Denny Hobo Nickel    Curly Howard    Mr. Traditional    Joey Snozola Hobo Nickel    Upside Down Bob Hobo Nickel    Thomas The Train    Dusty and Digger "No Fishing" (series # 2)    Rico Suave    Coyote Call Hobo Nickel    Happy The Circus Clown    Boss    Blue And Grey - Rebel Soldier    Memento Mori Hobo Nickel    Drummer - Fife And Drum Hobo Nickel    Suppertime Hobo    (Bowler Hat) Jack    Hooligan Harry    The King Engraved Coin    Rising Son    Sonny    Freaky Friday   

Jewelry - Bracelets

Sterling Silver Celtic Dragon Bracelet    Gold Bracelet Engraved With Flower    Floral Engraved Silver Bracelet    Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelet - Floral Motif    Celestial (Sun, Moon, And Stars) Bracelet    Rose Engraved Cuff Bracelet    Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelet    Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelet - Rose   

Jewelry - Pendants

Amethyst Gem Pendant    German Shorthaired Pointer Pendant - Storm    Mozambique Garnet Pendant    Kahekili Naue Ika Honua Pendant    Stainless Steel Key Fob    Resting Fox Pendant    Sterling Silver & 24K Gold Celtic Cross Pendant With Diamond    Sterling Silver Celtic Knot Pendant    Celtic Cat Pendant    Skull Engraved Mercury Dime Pendant    Sterling Silver Celtic Pendant    Celtic Trinity Knot Pendant    Celtic Dolphin Pendant    Skullified Mercury Dime Sterling Silver Pendant    Scroll Pendant    Blue Topaz Pendant    Mozambique Garnet Heart Pendant    Sterling Silver Celtic Pendant    Sterling Silver & 24 Karat Yellow Gold Celtic Crow Pendant    Celtic Knot Pendant    Citrine Pendant    Fox Kit Key Fob    Pendant Celtic Trinity Knot    Sterling Silver Scroll Pendant    Celtic Crow Pendant   

Jewelry - Rings, Bands

Three Rings Engraved With Bright Cut Scroll    Half Carat Diamond Ring    Hand Engraved 14 Karat Yellow Gold Ring, Band    Sterling Band    14 Karat White Gold Engraved Scroll Band    Hakkoryu Jujutsu Crest Engraved Ring   

Engraved Knives

Labrador Retriever Engraved Knife    Ruffed Grouse Engraved Gent Stainless Folder    Howling Coyote Engraved Knife    Scroll Engraved Knife With Blue Sodalite Handle    English Setter Engraved Knife    English Setter And Ruffed Grouse Damascus Folder    White Tail Deer Engraved Knife With Noreena Jasper Handle    Gents Buck Stainless Folder Knife Engraving    Pointer (Hunting Dog) Engraved Knife    Scroll, Snake, And Rose Engraved Knife    Traditional Scroll And Wheat Border Engraved Knife    Grouse Enraved Knife    Red Fox Engraved Knife    English Setter Engraved Knife    Swimming Trout Engraved Knife    Tiger Eye Quartz Handle Knife With Traditional Scroll And Leaf Border   


Ribbon Cut Upright Script    Leaf Script Lettering Monogram    Leaf Cipher    Sample Lettering Plate    Fancy Two Letter Monogram    Cursive Script    Bright Cut Upright Script    Ribbon Script Three Letter Monogram    Upright Script    Old English Monogram   


Block Monogram - Letters A, R, And A    Ribbon Script Three Letter Monogram    Armstrong Engraving Logo    Old English Monogram    Leaf Script Lettering Monogram    Fancy Two Letter Monogram   

Other Engraved Coins

Franklin Goes Hobo    Morgan Fox Den Engraved Silver Dollar    Crane/Jeep    Silver 8 Real Coin    1848 Liberty Eagle Five Dollar Gold Piece    Coyote Howling Penny    Hobo Franklin Half Dollar    Through Morgan Woods Engraved Silver Dollar    Henry James Silver Dollar